"I’m one of 28 young ballerinas with the Bolshoi/I’m one of 28 Black Widow agents with the Red Room— The training is hard/The training is hard— But the glory of Soviet culture/But the glory of Soviet supremacy— And the warmth of my parents/And the warmth of my parents— Makes up for/Makes up for…"


Daredevil v2 #63

They have so many names for you…


A Black Widow for INKtober! 


I can FINALLY announce my latest project for Marvel Comics. BLACK WIDOW!! written by Nathan Edmondson (The Activity, Who Is Jake Ellis?) with art and covers by myself.


GIVE ME THIS MOVIE, MARVEL. Look, I drew you a poster and everything. Just make it happen. (Tumblr, it’s your task to write the pitch and script.)

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