Kate Bishop + Quotes

from Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces

also why do all dudes on tinder list their height?

so one of my best friends met her boyfriend on tinder. so when the four of us were together this summer they bullied me into setting one up, and man buenos aires dudes loved me. but when i got back home, it felt weird so i stopped.

but yesterday on a whim I set it up  again and i hit it off with a guy! what really sold me is when i made a lord of the rings reference and he was RIGHT THERE. 

so he asked me out

i said yes


guys ive never been on a real date. ever. and now i have one thursday and i dont know what to do/wear/how to act


It just totally upsets me that Obama, a communist, made ObamaCare instead of making the Affordable Care Act.  That was a better idea.  He should have done that.  


Daniel Radcliffe for Essential Homme Magazine by Kevin Sinclair.


Ready for Autumn.
…and tea time.
……and stormy weather.

Artwork by the incredibly talented viki-vaki.


When the circus comes to town. Nicaragua. 

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brother, forgive me
we both know I’m the one to blame
when I saw my demons
I knew them well and welcomed them (x)

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