I’ve started reading Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti. And Yes, the obvious comparison is the Night Circus. But I liked that the Night Circus wasn’t so… grim or nihilistic at its core. idk

HOWEVER both Night Circus and Mechanique seem like a compilation of the prose people put with photosets series. 

Spending the night with my favorite couple


very slowly and carefully easing back into doing a little bit of art without stressing my arms out. here’s a preview of something I’m working on! I’m hoping to make it into a pattern eventually!

Victorian Garden


Colorful, coral-like cacti.

Rewatching Gilmore girls has lead to the realization that Rory isn’t great at being faithful to the guy she was with. She has ALWAYS been with the next guy (or an ex) before breaking up :/

make me choose

babyablaze asked: logan huntzberger or jess mariano

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